Friday, December 16, 2016

Miracle couple and 911

August 22, 2016

Hey everyone!

We found this SUPER awesome couple on Saturday and we went back and
saw them last night and they were waiting for us and we are going back
again tonight but they are super open to hearing our message and the
Hermana was even crying last night from part of our message. They seem
so open and its super cool. And they are so sweet to each other which
was really cool because you don't tend to see that a lot on your

Also we called the cops on some people this week as well and turns out
that my dad teaching me to be observant has really paid off. The guy
had a knife in his pocket and was fired up about something and was
screaming foul things at his wife and wanting to fight a guy that we
were talking to so we left and then called the cops and I was able to
tell them lots of things my comp didn't even notice, like about the
knife. And we are pretty sure he beats his wife because her arms and
legs were covered in bruises... It was a little scary but we got out
of there as fast as we could and got in our car and then like 6 cops

"President Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, “God sent you here to prepare for
a future greater than anything you can imagine.” That future, a day at
a time, comes alive when you do more than just exist; it comes alive
when you live your life to fill the measure of your creation. This
invites the Lord into your life, and you begin to let His will become
yours." (Discovering the Divinity Within)

I have been learning more about submitting to the willing of the Lord.
It's super difficult but we have been seeing so many more blessings
pour in as we strive to do this. It's really incredible how many
blessings the Lord has promised us if we will just do his will and
follow his commandments.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Hermana Barnes

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