Friday, December 16, 2016

Transfers Week!

July 25, 2016 

Hey everyone! 

Well I made it through my first transfers in the field! It's crazy to think I have already been on my mission for 3 months, time is going faster than I thought, which part of me is grateful for and then part of me is dreading because my mission is going to be over quicker than I know.

I am really loving being here, some days are super hard but I really just love it here. The people are super awesome, I just love the Hispanic culture! 

So my companion and I had our first "biff" yesterday. We are both just super tired this week and we had just had enough and were short tempered and so we were being super ornery with each other and were very unhappy... But we didn't want to go to bed with those feelings towards each other so we talked it out and were able to find the root cause of why we were feeling this way. 

She is on the downhill slope of her mission, only having 2 transfers or 3 months left and she is struggling with wanting to work super hard but just being done. And she is worried that she is being a bad example to me. And me, well I just don't feel great and it's really hard being here. Some days are really good and I feel great I really enjoy being here, and then other days I really struggle with wanting to go home, and it's hard because I know I need to be here and I really do want to be here, I am just selfish and am thinking too much about what I want, so we are trying to help each other. Satan is working really hard at us because he knows we can be a really successful companionship and that because we get along so well we can be really effective and see lots of miracles. 

I really love my companion, she has become my best friend and we have so much trust and unity in our companionship. I am really learning so much from her. 

So we had exchanges this last week with our sister training leaders (STL's). It was super good. I was able to go to the English area for a day, and even though I had a lot of fun I realized how grateful I am to be Spanish speaking. The culture and atmosphere are just so different. 

It is so important to make sure that we are keeping our spirit strong so we can withstand all the evil that is in the world. We are seeing that more and more now than ever. Please stay strong.

I hope you all have a great week! Stay strong and don't forget that God is always here for you.


Hermana Rebecca Lynn Barnes 

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