Friday, December 16, 2016

Do you want to be baptized?

November 14, 2016

Hey everyone! 

This week was super awesome! We saw so many miracles. 
I just wanted to share a miracle that we saw this week that really touched me and has given me fire in my life with the work.
So after zone conference, that same day we went out and used those Books of Mormon that the wonderful sisters in the office made for us with the questions of the soul. That night we were going through our area book to see if there was anyone else we could visit in Dayton before hearing back to McMinnville, and we had a prompting to go and see a family that had been dropped back in May. 

The husbands brother, Marco, and his family are members of the church, but the Marco died of cancer about 1 1/2 months ago back in September, and I remembered that someone said to visit them. So we went and saw them and used the Book of Mormon and asked them what their questions were, and of course, with the passing of his brother, the husband asked what happened to his brother and also why we have to suffer here on earth. And so we were able to show them that the Book of Mormon has answers to their questions. They were really excited and accepted and copy of the Book of Mormon and invited us back. 

Fist bump with a lion and a tabbed Book of Mormon
Then again on Wednesday we were trying to find people to teach and we felt prompted that we should try to visit someone and as we were walking there, we saw the neighbor outside watering her plants so we went over and talked to her and asked her what her question of the soul is and she asked us why would Christ suffer for us if people don't use His Atonement and He knew a lot of people wouldn't. So we shared Mosiah 2:27 with her and she was so blown away by our answer with the scriptures and asked where she could get one, so we gave her a Book of Mormon and she invited us to come back this week! 

We also had an investigator at church with his kids because of a question he was able to have answered. The Book of Mormon is seriously such an amazing tool and gift that we have been given. 

We have seen so many other miracles this week as well with the tabbed question of the soul Books of Mormon, it's been so incredible to see people's questions that they have burning inside them. My testimony has grown so strongly this week about how we can use the Book of Mormon to answer questions.

Also funny story yesterday we had a lesson with one of our investigators and we had a member with us in before the lesson we told her that we are going to invite him to be baptized and in the middle of a lesson she stops and said "Victor do you want to be baptized?" and my companion and I just looked at each other and almost laughing because normally we ask at the end of the lesson and it just kind of took by surprise and she was super blunt about the way she asked and it was really funny.

Well I hope you all have a great week! I love you!!

Love Hermana Rebecca Barnes 

Evergreen Space and Aviation Museum

Hermanas Barnes, Tanuvasa, Sisters Hartkivson, McKay


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